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Yesterday I worked on the Upcoming Events section.  Debbie and I have a lot of workshops planned in the next year: ten planned so far.  I had to change the format of the page so I could list several links to pages per one workshop.  I used to have all the links link to facebook events but people who are not on facebook cannot see facebook events.  I changed it so some events have a link to Event Brite.  In the future I might make individual website pages for each event.  

I worked on the Level Up section.  In this section I explain how to level up in your practice.  If you are new where do you start?  What is next if you are intermediate?  Those are the questions I try to answer.  

Debbie and I plus Hobs, Kena, Brent and Athena are going to perform an icarian routine at the San Diego Acro Love.  It is in only a few weeks now.  Wish us luck.