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Stay up to date with all the happenings of Jacob and Debbie.  We will post in here frequently to tell you what we are currently working on and where we are planning to teach next, etc
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I made a lot of new updates to the site yesterday.  I improved the menu which looks the same on a desktop but on a phone it is now three lines which you click to turn into a menu which pops out from the side.  It's pretty snazzy.  John Carter, fellow revolution acrobat, is the one who suggested this and the one who got me started on Webflow.

I am of course constantly updating the site, especially the Washing Machines section.  Each day as I look through my facebook, youtube, and instagram feeds I save certain videos to later put on this site.  

So future projects: We are working on teaching in Atlanta with the Acrosmiths, Danny and Aniane;  We will be at the American Acrobatics Convention in Nashville this year; We will be in Sacramento, Ca.  You can find all of these dates and facebook pages in our upcoming events section.

So until next time! Happy Acroing
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