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Stay up to date with all the happenings of Jacob and Debbie.  We will post in here frequently to tell you what we are currently working on and where we are planning to teach next, etc
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I worked on the website for hours today.  I added a lot of new washing machiens to the "Machines" section.  I looked though many of the YouTubes of more well known acrobats such as Bryan Flanders, John Rhea, the Yogaslackers, and Josh Young.  

I added a new section on the main page; flows, routines, acro dance, and acro music videos.  I made separate sections for ones made by Debbie and Jacob and made by everyone else. Debbie and I have many several really good acro music videos over the years.  You can find my favorites made by others too.  

You can see on the events page we have 8 upcoming events now.  We have even more in the works but the FB events are not ready yet.  We have a new Patreon video up.  Pierre's Flair.  

I am working on a new section: Getting Started.  This will be for people beginners who happen upon this website.  These are instructions for what skills you should learn in order to move from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  
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Every day I work on the website I have more and more fun doing it.  I tried making a website a few times in the past but I never took to it.  I am using web hosting platform called Webflow.  It is more complex than Weebly or Wordpress, or Wordpress which makes it harder to learn, but this complexity makes the design possibilities endless, which makes it a better tool.  Every time I work on the site I find a better way to design the menu or I think of a new section to put up.  

In other news Debbie and I have been hard at work setting up new workshops.  We have regular jobs; Debbie works in the pot industry and I am an arborist.  When we get back from work we start making phone calls, sending messages, and looking at maps to see where we want to teach next.  This is all highly enjoyable because we talking to old friends, making new ones, and planning new acro adventures.  

2019 is poised to be the year we travel the most.  You can see the more definite plans in our events section.  Debbie and I are also working on Patreon videos.  Our goal is to put one up every week while we are home.  I want to thank all of our patrons on Patreon for supporting us and learning from our videos.  We are also constantly adding to the list of videos on the home section.  I have given myself the never ending task of putting up every acro move I can think of.  

Debbie and I have been working with our Icarian friends on a regular basis.  We try to meet with them on the weekends.  We are planning an icarian based acro routine for the NYE San Diego Acrolove.  

If you want to help us tell people out our website, watch the videos, tell us what you want more of, consider joining our Patreon, engage with us on the forum, get your community interested in a Jacob and Debbie workshop.  We want to make more acro friends and share our knowledge with more people.  

Signing off  
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I am working on putting a blog on jacobanddebbieacro.com
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